grEnz Stewardship Service & Supply

grEnz empowers ecological revolution.

'economical' IS ecological.

eco-smart is going all-natural

eco-efficient is being proficient

'eco-friendly' means stewardship!!!

stewardship is the bottom line.

honor nature, and it rewards you.

founding & company mission

grEnz is a full-service land management, landscape, and natural resource efficiency company.  Our offerings are highly unique.

grEnz was founded over 8 years ago, with a belief that is now grEnz's mission:

the proper 'Gaian' stewardship of land must achieve solutions by utilizing natural systems and processes. Thereby, the planet can be ecologically harmonious, and natural resources may prosperously abound.

grEnz deploys stewardship principles

to align the efficiency of natural systems

with economic productivity

With this understanding, grEnz has persistently strived to embody ecological management principles, incorporating 21st century science and technology, and the shrewdly lean+green mentality of stewards,

to provide comprehensive management solutions to the full gamut of land use and natural resource conditions which exist within the modern world.

service offerings

For the following services, grEnz can:

construct — demolish | install | maintain

&/ advise — consult | design | train

Licensed & insured; plus, extensive warranties on all construction services.

List of Services

Planting: transplanting | seeding | eco-turf, eco-lawn, sod | green pavement ** | firescape | ecological restoration | bio-intensive agriculture | food forests | stormwater infiltration  | effluent discharge treatment | silvopasture & grazing systems | pollinators & beneficial insects | wildlife habitat

Soil: remediation | decompaction | de-pavement** | stabilization & structuring | water percolation | fertility management | tilthing | mulch, soil, gravel

 Plant care: eco-IPM | pruning | aesthetic pruning | bio-fertilization | turf + lawn care | tree + shrub care | harmonization with wildlife

Green Cycling: tree pruning & removal (**) | overgrowth mitigation | grazing | composting | debris repurposing

Earthworks: embankments | swales | dams | ponds** | waterways & conveyances | flow detention | permeable structural pavement & driveway** | boulders | logs

Water: efficient irrigation systems | valves, pipes, distribution | drip irrigation | spray irrigation | water quality enhancement | food-safe hose rigs

Hydrologic: stormwater infiltration & rainwater harvesting | runoff catchment | 

graywater () | humus wells | groundwater recharge | watershed management

Design: eco-restoration (landscape, parkland, and wildlands) | permaculture (intensive farm & homestead) | holistic management (rangeland & broadacre farm)

Land Management: fire safety & fuels reduction | wildlife habitat | invasive plant mitigation | environmental monitoring | rangeland management

Agriculture: growing beds | compost systems | nursery and propagation | greenhouses* | poly-tunnels | cold-frames | season extension

Built Environment: natural outdoor building () | natural painting, stain. & finish | indoor plants | outdoor lighting | pressure-washing | tidy-up | hauling*

Remediable in the Landscape: pests | disease | weeds | overgrowth | erosion | water stabilization | heat islands | cold sinks

Mitigable for the Property: air quality | wind | noise | privacy | security | odor

Attainable Aspirations: ecological net-benefit | carbon sequestration | food security & abundance | thermoregulation and microclimate optimization | 

scents, aroma, and fragrance | high-value, low-cost aesthetic landscape features | color schemes (you name it!) | LEED landscape compliance

     * = grEnz integrates this component into the project and subcontracts and oversees much of its performance by a specialist.

     ** =  Same as '*' except that grEnz will also often recommend that the client save significant money by directly hiring the specialist.

     () = May be done by grEnz or a specialist,  TBD by your specifications.

Please direct inquiries to

... Plus, *receive special rates*  by scheduling services in their ideal months of onset:

August thru November: Soil | Planting | Hydrologic

December & January: Design | Earthworks

February & March: Water

April & May: Land Management | Green Cycling

June & July: Built Environment | Agriculture | Plant Care


"Your Services List is so long!

How do I navigate?"

It is long, yes — please, be excited! 

Every piece of land on which grEnz works is one in which grEnz looks out for needs and opportunities to holistically integrate any and all of these services and will relay these options to you as our client. This is why we highly encourage you to actively engage with your project by hiring grEnz to consult you from the early stages of your project, so that you may have the facts to decide whether these recommendations are worthwhile prior to beginning to invest (further) in your land.

This way, grEnz empowers clients to efficiently move toward a more

holistic and long-term vision for your landscape, without

wasting money on distractions and pricey up-sells by contractors who are primarily interested in short-term exploits that conform to their individual capabilities rather than the land's long-term benefit.​

There also is some overlap between services, and more broadly, doing more at a given time is cost-efficient. In order to achieve long-term, comprehensive, and lasting outcomes for your land, you often need to integrate other steps and/or address other issues. This isn't required where your budget is limited, and though it is optimal there are generally a variety of approaches for you to take. Through the consultation process, grEnz generates viable approaches for the client's context, providing a comprehensive look at the value that could be added as well as some foreseeable liabilities to avoid (in regards development strategy only; nothing is ever completely risk-free!). Consultation allows our clients to plan their project with us and then, should you choose, shop around for the actual build... nonetheless, we're confident you'll also find our build pricing to be the best. It's that in which grEnz prides itself: best quality at the best price.

"What types of plants do you use?"

There are a handful of important things to say here! Please read through. For starters:

 grEnz produces many of our own plants —and sells surplus inventory (plus special orders!)— through our in-house, licensed nursery operation. grEnz also is, generally, knowledgeable about the propagation and purchase options for large-quantity, rare, or any other sorts of plant procurement.

To maximize utility, grEnz works somewhat exclusively with native and edible / otherwise-beneficial plants, whether residential commercial agricultural wildland or any combination thereof

In utilizing edible (and otherwise-beneficial) plants, grEnz seeks to enable clients to produce abundant, high-quality sustenance, which, to boot, offsets production demands of a tired industrial agriculture system. grEnz can strategically integrate a wide variety of perennial "permaculture" edibles into the landscape and, as the client might also wish, traditionally cropped annual plants from heirloom, open-pollinated, and/or landrace genetic lineages.

Conversely, for agricultural contexts, utilizing native plants to obtain ecological services is highly valuable and worthwhile. It is straightforward, and grEnz can inexpensively provide farms with key direction on how to do this efficiently and take your operation to a new level of productivity, with ecological benefit and aesthetic beauty as prized bonuses to boot.

Regarding ornamentals and "landscape plants," it is our experience that (actually) useful plants, edibles+natives, can and do routinely supplant conventional ornamentals, in essentially every aesthetic context (layout, color scheme, price limit) that we've encountered. *Within the residential and curtilage contexts only, we'd possibly oblige insistences upon specific non-native plant selections... Just know that these special requests will likely add substantially to your overall installation, maintenance, and overall management costs.