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grEnz is proudly a legitimate landscaping business — licensed and insured.

grEnz also boasts extensive warranties, including lifetime limited warranties on all plantings.

grEnz find that most other landscape contractors cannot say the same or charge expensively.

grEnz offers clients competitive pricing on services of exceptional quality.


Per regulations (and our own preferences), services must be contracted in-writing —

100% paperless, though!

grEnz value transparency, so all are free to peruse grEnz' entire contract template, right below.

*Any given contract won't be quite this long; this is the all-inclusive proto-document which forms specific contracts.

Other contractors: it is your right to glean inspiration in formulating your own contractual writings! *Disclaimer: this is not legal advice, and no promises whatsoever are being made that it will be adequate for your business or legitimate within your jurisdiction.

*Disclaimer: nothing on this page, or website, is intended or otherwise meant to be construed as legal advice; consult with an attorney for any legal matters.

Others in the field are more than welcome * to template from our contractual documentation, which we derive from legal regulations, online templates, and meticulous scrutiny of grEnz's own industry experiences.

*However: if you choose to do so, grEnz hold no liability on your behalf, legal or otherwise; it remains your sole responsibility, and your sole liability, for your contracts to work out as you intend.

grEnz warmly wishes our peers in the field all the best in their own practices and would be delighted to hear how your operations are going.

If you wish to possibly collaborate in any capacity, let us know.

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