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Nursery Stock Notes:

Sales tax will apply in addition to the listed item prices.

For inquiries regarding wholesale purchases, custom requests/orders, or anything else, please: , reach us directly.

'Potted to-order' means that the plant will be very healthy from having been growing in-ground, just not rooted into the pot; that's the trade-off. *Mylar wrap around the pot will be included to deflect solar heating of the roots so that the plant may be placed or "staged" ahead of time into its planting spot, which also is highly beneficial for transplant success as long as watering is even; dig it in slightly into cultivated grounds with good soil or heavily / as much as possible into poor grounds, and then wait for both the plant to adjust its leaves and growth pattern and the adjacent soil to become nicely moist; time can widely vary on this depending upon context, but ~1 week, give or take a few days, is most common/practical.

By default, unless otherwise stated in the item's heading, plants will be well-rooted *micro-plugs*; we'll wrap them in biodegradable paper for delivery, unless you separately order those plugs to be potted-on; browse the store to find that option.

"Why does grEnz sells small plants?" First and foremost, (1) the smaller the (healthy*) transplant, the more vigorous the plant can eventually be! It is literally the best way to transplant. Plus, there are two splendid fringe benefits for you, our valued customer: (2) fractionally less expense (to purchase) and (3) geometrically less labor (to transplant).

Nursery Delivery notes:

1) No shipping's yet available; direct delivery only, within the Bay Area, but if you you really want to buy, then simply choose a spot within the Bay as your delivery address where you can be to receive them; arranging a time to meet is included in the delivery fee.

2) Order the cheapest shipping option available from what comes up at the address you provide; the cheapest is 94606 zip code (East Lake Merritt), $10

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